• The old hospital building is more than 50 years old.
  • The old hospital was established through a Crown Grant. There is a Queens Caveat registered on the title to the old hospital site which, in line with the original Crown Grant requires the site to be used only as a hospital, failing which, the land will revert to the Government.
  • Both sites are ultimately under the control of the Department of Treasury and Finance.
  • Alexandra District Health (ADH) has been operating health services from the new hospital at 12 Cooper Street, Alexandra since November 2011.
  • The new hospital building is a state-of-the-art facility that more than adequately meets the current and future health needs of the community.
  • A report received from Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA), as part of ADH’s risk management processes, included several recommendations with respect to compliance and safety old hospital site.
  • ADH commissioned a report from an independent building surveyor and fire safety engineer in April 2018, which advised that the old hospital building was not safe for occupancy due to fire safety regulations.
  • ADH worked closely with community groups occupying the old building to help them relocate to suitable premises.
  • The property is now vacant and secured.
  • Following the building of the new hospital, the old premises are no longer needed for the provision of health services, with all health services relocated to the new, fit for purpose facility.
  • According to the Victorian Government Land Holding Policy and Guidelines the property must be referred to Department of Treasury and Finance for reallocation within government or for sale.
  • ADH has requested that the Minister accept the property in its current condition so that other government authorities have an option to purchase the property and repurpose it for the benefit of the Alexandra and broader communities.

Fire Safety Report

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